Universal Prototype PCB

Universal PCB for prototyping

Prototype PCB

We have created a universal prototype printed circuit board for our clients to give them the possibility to check their ideas at the stage of designing new devices. This PCB contains universal solder pads and the most common types of connectors and commutation elements. The board is also equipped with four built-in power supplies - 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V and an adjustable voltage stabilizer. It is possible to mount a battery compartment that can contain two lithium-ion or alkaline-manganese elements) onto this board.

Our prototype board is also compatible with Raspberry PI 3 and Raspberry PI Zero computers. It also includes the necessary components and connections to mount the Arduino Nano module. It gives the possibility to design and check various types of electronic devices, including those connected to IoT.

Both types of assembling – SMD and THT can be used for this PCB. One- or double-sided assembly is also possible on this board.

Below you can see the specification of our prototype board, including link to the detailed technical information, including a scheme, description of the functionalities and other necessary practical information:


  • 232 solder pads, including 88 dedicated for power/grounding
  • 4 types of stabilized voltage sources (with LED indication) on 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V and with regulated output voltage
  • compartment for two batteries
  • 3 USB connectors (type A, type B mini and micro)
  • connector for programming target systems in the ISP standard
  • a Raspberry PI connector
  • an Arduino Nano core
  • 2 tact buttons
  • 1 DIP switch with 8 positions
  • 6 LED’s for SMD mounting
  • 2 connectors (block terminal and DC jack) + switch for external power supply
  • 8 mounting holes (including 2 that can be used for attaching the battery compartment)

You can download User Manual here:

User Manual for Prototype PCB

Download User Manual in pdf

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