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We supply our customers with the printed circuit boards and provide a full range of electronics manufacturing services - from prototyping to series production. We use an advanced technology to produce the various types of PCBs - from single-sided to multilayer, including HDI PCB, flexible and rigid-flex PCB. We also provide services for designing the printed circuit boards and electronics.

Prototyping and manufacturing services

With our manufacturing capabilities we are able to produce the electronic devices from prototypes to series.

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Printed circuit boards services

We offer the printed circuit boards of various types: single/double- sided, multilayer (up to 28 layers, incl. HDI), flexible and rigid-flex pcb, RF/microwave pcb, metal core etc.

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Printed circuit board layout design

We offer printed circuit board layout services for all types of electronic devices: analog, digital as well as different levels of complexity.

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Analog and digital electronics design

After more than ten years of experience in the electronics industry, we provide a broad range of services in the field of analog and digital electronic hardware design.

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Embedded systems design

As services for the embedded systems design we propose both hardware and embedded software development.

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