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We supply our customers with the printed circuit boards and provide a full range of electronics manufacturing services - from prototyping to series production. We use an advanced technology to produce the various types of PCBs - from single-sided to multilayer, including HDI PCB, flexible and rigid-flex PCB.

Printed circuit board services

We offer the printed circuit boards of various types: single/double- sided, multilayer (up to 28 layers, incl. HDI), flexible and rigid-flex pcb, RF/microwave pcb, metal core etc.

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Turn-key assembly services

We offer a comprehensive approach to electronics manufacturing, including supply of PCB, electronic components, solder paste stencils, SMT and THT assembly, functional testing, PCB cleaning and coating, housing.

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Electronic component services

We offer electronic component delivery services, including the search for hard-to-reach parts along with BOM optimization. We have an extensive supply chain, thanks to which we have access to stocks of manufacturers and distributors from USA, UK, Europe and Asia.

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PCB layout services

We offer printed circuit board layout services for all types of electronic devices: analog, digital as well as different levels of complexity.

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