Embedded systems design

As services for the embedded systems design we propose both hardware and embedded software (firmware) development. With our comprehensive experience on subject, as well as knowledge of instruments and platforms used in embedded designs, we can provide solutions for broad range of sophisticated tasks and create technological products for various applications.

For embedded solutions we can provide the following outsourcing services:

Hardware design

  • Microprocessor systems and SoC: 32/64bit, multicore, RISC
  • Microcontrollers: ARM Cortex, MSP430, AVR, PIC and others
  • FPGA/CPLD complex design

Firmware development

  • Board support packages for Windows Embedded, Linux, FreeRTOS, QNX
  • Embedded software for functional testing and debugging
  • Device drivers development
  • ASM, C/C++ programming for microcontrollers and microprocessors

To some extent, embedded system design approaches are commonly used in electronic hardware designs; however, this requires additional techniques and platforms as well as embedded software development. Usually this involves a larger number of developers specializing in various areas of digital design, computing systems and embedded programming. Moreover, the embedded products industry is growing rapidly and new technologies are constantly evolving. This is why we stay abreast of trends and remain innovative by continuously developing our skills and competencies in the field of embedded design.

We pay close attention to planning and implementing well-defined testing procedures starting from the earliest stages of the embedded product design. This allows us to make the project development more predictable, to keep it within budget and to secure the product functionality and reliability without violating deadlines.

We look forward to receiving your further inquiries on embedded product development!

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