Prototyping and OEM

We have production facility on-site, which includes a fully automated SMT assembly line, a wide range of manual repair & assembly workstations, AOI, measurement equipment and instruments to provide a broad spectrum of manufacturing services from prototyping to small and medium series of electronic devices. We consider our capacity to prototype electronic hardware in-house as our competitive strength in outsourcing services for electronics design.

To ensure the quality and performance of the electronics we design, a full development cycle concept is used. We are not only able to design the electronic devices and systems, but also create the prototypes, perform the CAD/CAM mechanical design of the casings, housings and enclosures for further simulation and 3D printing in plastic. The assembled electronic device or unit properly installed in its enclosure can be fully functionally tested and analyzed for dimensional compliance with the initial specifications.

The list of our equipment for prototyping and manufacturing:

  • Automated stencil printer MPM Momentum
  • Assembleon SMT Pick & Place machine MC-1
  • Yamaha chip shooter YS12
  • Convection reflow soldering oven GoReflow 2.3
  • Advanced optical inspection YSi-12
  • Rework stations WR 3000M
  • ABS/PLA 3D printer

Our assembly house:


SMT assembly line

Assembleon SMT Pick & Place machine.

SMT assembly line

Yamaha chip shooter.

SMD assembly line

Convection reflow soldering oven.

SMT assembly line

Some project on progress.

THT assembly site

Manual assembly here.

THT assembly workplace

Typical tools for manual assembly.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce not only the prototypes but also small and medium series of electronic products. On customer demand, we can manufacture OEM electronics as well. We look forward to receiving your further inquiries.

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